Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Aerosol Arabic Mohammed is back

News Clip By Tess Langley

OK, so you’ve got graffiti, and then you’ve got Islamic art... What happens when you mix the two?

I caught up with Mohammed Ali, an Islamic graffiti artist who does just that. The 28 year old Brummie has been into graffiti since a young age and now incorporates his faith into his work.

"Art was my passion," he said, "when I found religion I changed direction and combined the two together." For Mohammed, the fusion between Islamic art and graffiti was more than just experimenting with different styles...

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Premonition...born again !

Please, this image has to be taken in light humor and it has no intention to hurt anyone's feelings..

If at all it gives credit only, no pun intended !

Saturday, May 12, 2007

CCS..... A Better Future For People With Disabilities

Just a short note on CCS......

CCS is New Zealand’s leading provider of support and services to people with physical disabilities. We are also a leading advocate for the rights of disabled people.

Founded to help New Zealand children following two polio epidemics early last century, CCS now works in partnership with over 5000 children and adults with physical or multiple disabilities and their families and whanau.

Services are provided nationally through 16 integrated branches around the country. CCS employs more than 500 staff and is assisted by over 2000 regular volunteers.

Their Vision is to make disabled people valued participants in society...

CCS enable disabled people to make informed choices in their lives thereby generating an increased levels of inclusiveness of disabled people in the society . They allow each person the dignity to express themselves, to experiment, to reach, and to learn thereby celebrating a diversity with difference...

CCS works mainly in partnership with disabled people, their families and Whanau to ensure equality of opportunity, quality of life and an environment that enhances full community integration and participation.

CCS exists to make a difference for disabled people, their families and Whanau by removing barriers to inclusion and by offering support to disabled people to access all ordinary opportunities in their communities.

Their community is made up of disabled people and their families and whanau, who live in Aotearoa New Zealand. They include all people who face barriers to inclusion on the basis of disability and who want to access the disability support services they provide.

Reflecting the commitment in the New Zealand Disability Strategy – Making A World of Difference Whakanui Oranga [Minister for Disability Issues April 2001], a key expectation of CCS work is the New Zealand community will grow its capacity to ensure that disabled people have the same rights, choices, opportunities and safeguards as other citizens.

CCS operates with a National Office and regional management structure, providing services nationally from 16 incorporated societies. They deliver regular services to over 6,000 people with disabilities making us one of the largest disability support service providers in New Zealand.

CCS also works closely with other disability agencies to ensure we make best use of shared knowledge and resources, helping us to adopt best practice across the sector.

Click here for the 2005/06 CCS Annual Report

CCS..... A Better Future For People With Disabilities

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Save The Whale

Couldn't have put it more better !