Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sony, Microsoft in Web Venture

Sony Music Entertainment and Microsoft Corp. are expected to begin selling digitally delivered songs this summer on the Internet under an agreement expected to be announced today, sources said.

This took place in the late 90's and yet it is generating attention - May be the real cause/ idea is yet to come forth.

Sony, which releases music by such acts as Ricky Martin and the Offspring, has signed an agreement to use a new Microsoft technology to transmit commercially available singles on the Web at prices comparable to those charged by traditional retailers, sources said.

The Microsoft format, which enables computer users to download digital music recordings twice as fast as anything currently available, is said to sound better than the popular MP3 compression technology and employs new security features added at Sony’s request, sources said.

Sony and Microsoft won’t begin downloading recordings until around July when Microsoft is set to roll out the launch of its new MS Windows Media Technologies 4.0. Through the alliance, Sony and Microsoft promise to provide fans with quick, easy access to Sony songs and music videos.

The deal between Sony and Microsoft comes just one week after Seagram Co.’s Universal-Music-Group announced a similar agreement with Intertrust Technologies.